Melville Junior Football Club was established in 1952 and today has grown into a premier junior football club that supports, mentors and challenges all age groups willing to learn and have some fun with their mates. For 70 years we have fine tuned our approach to football which today is reflective not only with the number of children playing football, but parents and community being involved in the club. We are proud of our achievements and strong club ethos, and welcome anyone wanting to have some fun!



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1960 - Melville Hawks Clubhouse established at Marmion Reserve.

1970 - Two lights installed closest to the clubhouse to support evening training.

1977 - Melville Hawks club extensions doubling capacity.

1978 - Melville Hawks canteen upgrade.

1993 - Melville Junior Football Club signage established on Clubhouse.

2003 - Full upgrade to light around the oval.

2006 - Further renovations to the clubhouse separating toilets and creating additional storage space.

2009 - Pavilion extension and installation of new score board.

2010 - Inaugural Auskickers night game at Marmion Reserve with over 300 children and family members attending the event.

2012 - New Melville Hawks Logo established which is still present today.


1952 - 1975 – The first Guernsey was made of a heavy woolen fabric as was the trend back in this era, predominately green with yellow sash stripe with long sleeves.

1975 to 1997 – As the years progressed the long sleeve design evolved into a sleeveless version with horizontal green and gold stripes. The fabric was still wool.

1987 - Combined Melville & St Patrick’s League team only developed a one off design for the year, woolen long sleeve jumper which was green/red strip in the middle with a small emblem of “The Saint”.

1997 to 2011 – Finally the Guernsey heavy woollen design due to new technology was replaced with a light weight fabric, with a distinctive gold “Hawk” outline emblem on the front with a wraparound wing on the rear.

2012 – Has seen the moulding of the original sash design into a modernized “Hawk” head with the wings removed from the back, number on the front chest which represents 60 years of football.  In addition to this the clubs “Hawks” head is used which is part of the Auskick design guernsey.

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1969 - Bob Becu
1970 - Peter Lewington (SFFC)
1970 - Percy Johnson (Jnr)
1971 - Keith S.Shorthill
1985 - Stephen Edgar
1986 -  Mark Amaranti
1987 -  Scott Annandale
1995 - Cameron Allen (played for South Fremantle)
1999 - Jeff Johnson
1999 - Daniel Kerr
2003 - Nic Polce
2004 - Mitch Sewell
2005 - Luke Harding & Dwayne Lake
2008 - Andrew Stephens
2012 - Kane Lucas, Anthony Stevens &Andrew Stephen (State WA)




1965 - Wayne Richardson Collingwood (Victorian Captain)
1967 - Bert Thornley Carlton
1971 - Graham Wood ?
1995 - Steve Jurica Richmond Football Club
1990 - Stephen Edgar Calton Football Club
2004 - Daniel Kerr West Coast Eagles Football Club
2004 - Chris Johnson Melbourne Football Club
2007 - Cale Hooker Essendon Football Club


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